GCOOP 我們的創始人
在2015年, GCOOP 在韓國成立,與自身的原物料生物科技工廠 General bio 打造一條龍的模式。 
GCOOP 的網絡系統不僅希望每個人在這裡都能擁有個人的經濟增長,也希望幫助更多的企業與與社區。
" GCOOP 徐大"前身為韓國最大的集團公司擔任新素材原料研究員。後來他從城市轉移到農村環境。從那時候他開始研究和開發膳食補充品和生活用品。
於是在2007創立 General bio 研發公司,隨著公司的發展,他更專注在優質產品原料的採與開發,並且在研究過程中與周遭的生態環境共創友善的循環。
另外他也對周圍的社區有很大貢獻,徐大開始幫助許多弱勢族群,他創造許多就業機會給社會上需要的人。因為這些努力的結果,General bio 這家公司,
- 為每個人提供更優質的產品 
- 尋找幫助有需要的社區並使整個社區和整個社會受益的方法 
- 成為踐行道德業務的先驅者,特別是在多層次的營銷行業 - 
Jeong Hun Seo, began his career as a researcher at one of South Korea’s largest conglomerate companies. He later relocated from the city to a more rural setting. From then on he began to research and develop a product line of dietary supplements and household products. This was the beginning of Generalbio Co.,Ltd a research and manufacturing company that he founded in 2007. As his company began to grow he focused on sourcing quality raw material for higher quality products, and being eco friendly in the process of sourcing, researching, and developing products. He also had a passion for the community around him, and began to help those in need by creating jobs and hiring people within the community. As a result of these efforts, Generalbio Co., Ltd earned a B – Corp certification in 2011 and is now one of Korea’s leading social enterprises.
With the groundbreaking success of Generalbio, Co., Ltd in the manufacturing industry as a social enterprise Jeong Hun also wanted to break ground in the retail industry. His vision was to create a company that encourages personal economic growth as well as the economic growth of the community and create a system that continues to invest in the network of consumers that help the company to grow. It is this system of overall growth that he emphasizes in his business philosophy. In 2015, GCOOP was founded to distribute the product lines created and manufactured by Generalbio. Co.,Ltd. 
GCOOP's networking system encourages personal economic growth , and also finding communities in need that we can grow together with.
“How can we make the world a better place for everyone? ” 
- Provide better quality products for everyone 
- Find ways to help communities in need and benefit our communities and society as a whole 
- Becoming pioneers in practicing ethical business, especially within the Multi-level Marketing industry 
-Creating partnerships to become a global force Our Founder’s growing dream, to make the world a better place for everyone, has become a reality through GCOOP.





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